Art Direction for BARE Journal Issue No. 4 AGNES NIESKE ABMA graces our cover, photographed by Benjamin Vnuk in Paris. BARE JOURNAL is independently published and owned.; Drop us a line. We’d love to meet for coffee. (Black. No sugar.)   Claudia Bruno, Creative Director Britt Browne, Art Director Sarah Cobb, Fashion Director Courtney Saunders … Continue Reading


  Art Direction for BARE JOURNAL Issue No. 3 COLOR, TYPOGRAPHY, DESIGN & PHOTO EDIT for BARE JOURNAL Issue No. 3 OPEN to VIEW, UNCONCEALED; UNADORNED; PLAIN A journal of fashion and culture. Bare is a global fashion, culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth, an ode to the raw beauty … Continue Reading


  New Creative for FIRE SEASON Set during a summer of forest fires in a small Montana town, FIRE SEASON is a short dramatic film that details a young girl’s first love with a charismatic boy who hides a dark secret. The film stars talented newcomers Nicole Halverson, Ella Steinberg and Derrick Mychaylo. Film and … Continue Reading