Art Direction for BARE Journal Issue No. 4 AGNES NIESKE ABMA graces our cover, photographed by Benjamin Vnuk in Paris. BARE JOURNAL is independently published and owned.; Drop us a line. We’d love to meet for coffee. (Black. No sugar.)   Claudia Bruno, Creative Director Britt Browne, Art Director Sarah Cobb, Fashion Director Courtney Saunders … Continue Reading


  Art Direction for BARE JOURNAL Issue No. 3 COLOR, TYPOGRAPHY, DESIGN & PHOTO EDIT for BARE JOURNAL Issue No. 3 OPEN to VIEW, UNCONCEALED; UNADORNED; PLAIN A journal of fashion and culture. Bare is a global fashion, culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth, an ode to the raw beauty … Continue Reading


  New Creative for FIRE SEASON Set during a summer of forest fires in a small Montana town, FIRE SEASON is a short dramatic film that details a young girl’s first love with a charismatic boy who hides a dark secret. The film stars talented newcomers Nicole Halverson, Ella Steinberg and Derrick Mychaylo. Film and … Continue Reading


  ROCKET / ARUGULA My seed packet illustration and design for Edible Gardens LA with organic seeds from Flora Bella Farms in Three Rivers, CA. Find them online at ediblegardensla.com in their MARKET section.