HOT BOX: The Standard, Hollywood 

Going Hydroponic with Britt Browne’s Indigo Garden

Growing Indigo, in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. “Growing indigo is about the big picture.
I’m talking about a new wave colorand planet shift in our collective conscience from green to blue”
– Britt Browne

Los Angeles artist Britt Browne has turned The Box at The Standard, Hollywood into a hydroponic
garden nurtured by the miraculous glowof magenta LED lights. For those who associate hydroponics
with the cultivation of one herb in particular, sorry to disappoint, the term refers to any plant grown
without soil.

Britt is the Founder and Creative Director of Growing Indigo, an art & agriculture concept project.
Through this work she has discovered what she calls a “New Wave” in the collective consciousness.
According to Britt, artists, musicians – a.k.a. the collective creative consciousness – used to be inspired
by the color green, but lately has shifted towards the color blue, or more specifically, indigo.
But “New Wave” is more than just color trend. It’s a way of being, eating, making art, living.
Not getting it? We asked Britt to give us five examples:

Britt Browne’s Top 5 New Waves

1. Growing Indigo: Growing indigo is for everybody! The renewed interest in natural indigo among
artisans and growers around the world is exciting to me. This kind of collective blue conscience is
so new wave.

2. The Plant Journal: This independent publication is shedding new light on plants with compelling
photography, contemporary artists and fine typography. I love the printed page.

3. San Onofre State Park: Quite literally, my new wave to get into. Beyond that, they just shut down
a nuclear testing site at San Onofre because of environmental ramifications. Bravo!

4. Cookbook: Cookbook, Echo Park’s neighborhood grocer, is all about the big picture: small farms,
super tasty food, an honest living, hard work, relationships, art and poetry!

5. Echo Park Craft Fair: Craft is like a vessel that holds a knowledge we can only feel. There is so much
heart and soul in the handmade at The Echo Park Craft Fair.

Along with her hydroponic indigo garden in The Box, Britt Browne will also be installing some of her
fantastic superfine prints throughout the lobby which can be purchased directly from Stampa.us.com!

Britt Browne’s work will be up in The Box and Lobby of The Standard, Hollywood through mid-June.