Flash Talk at The Hammer I’m giving a FLASH TALK at The Hammer on N.Dash Thursday, January 22, 2015 1:30 – 1:45pm Public Engagement Flash Talks provide an opportunity for visitors to glean a unique perspective on art works displayed in the galleries through speakers who are connected to the art in sometimes unusual ways. For … Continue Reading


  My Growing Indigo project featured inside this month’s issue of Premium Thank you, Early Birds and Premium! http://www.earlybirdscalifornia.com/ http://magazineworld.jp/premium/premium-5/  


Thank you, Hammer Museum, for screening Jean De Oro in your ANNEX last night. It looked gorgeous, it sounded spectacular, what an honor! There’s a force that’s created when watching film in a theater together that stokes ambition to make things and keep going. I’m so grateful for that! Thank you to everyone who came to see the … Continue Reading


  GUESS? Thrilled to be working as an Art Director on the new GUESS? Global Design Concept Design team.    


My Palm Frond print seen in Martha S. Thank you, Martha! Thank you, Stampa!  


  JEAN DE ORO I just released my short film, JEAN DE ORO for it’s opening in Medillín, Columbia tonight. Thank you to our curator, Juan Pablo Gallón Salazar, for this opportunity! Featuring Beth Houfek, Brick Patrick, Lily Snaer, Stephen Heath, Blaine Dunkley, Patrick Nelson Barnes & Art Paz. Thank you for making it all happen! Music by The Golden … Continue Reading


  Growing Indigo in Madame Figaro Japan Spring 2013 issue Thank you, Chinatsu! So excited to work together on a collection for Early Birds!!   http://madamefigaro.jp/ http://m.madamefigaro.jp/blog/figaro_japon/post-66 http://www.earlybirdscalifornia.com/


My Growing Indigo project inside Issue 3 of The Plant Journal From Green to Blue. Words by Britt Browne.  Photographs by Daniel Trese. THE PLANT – ISSUE 3 FEATURES: Coke Bartrina, Thierry Boutemy, Tokyo’s Pot Gardens, Jonas Marguet, Extreme Gardening, Daisuke Hamada, Growing with Clay, Derek Jarman, Britt Browne, Terrariums, Matt Olson, Scheltens & Abbenes, Brittle Botany, Ángeles Peña, Daniel Trese, Jean Luc Godard … Continue Reading